Piece 6 / UniSex / Metalline / By Nicola Fatale

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(Re-)Designed By Nicola Fatale

As promised, we are expanding our Metalline. We are happy to present you 4 new pieces:

'Piece 6' is a matter of the heart. The design may seem familiar to some. And that's intentional, because this bag is a reminessence to the recently deceased Paco Rabanne. We took his way of working with metal in our Metalline and immortalized it in a unique piece. In doing so, we pay tribute and utmost respect to Paco Rabanne, one of the greatest and most influential designers of our time.


Rings: 100 % stainless steel
Patch: 100% genuine leather


Hand cleaning only!

Should the steel show signs of age or use, please apply appropriate care products and seek advice from relevant web sites.