Piece 3 / For Men / Metalline / By Nicola Fatale

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Designed By Nicola Fatale

As promised, we are expanding our Metalline. We are happy to present you 4 new pieces:

Our 'Piece 3' is an oversized pullover for men. Its patch has been modified for the new pieces: we use black nappa leather with our logo coming as a silver 3d lettering.


Rings: 100 % stainless steel
Patch: 100% genuine leather


Hand cleaning only!

Should the steel show signs of age or use, please apply appropriate care products and seek advice from relevant web sites.


'Piece 3' is oversized cut and fits perfectly to the body due to the weight and the ring system. The piece weighs 9-10 kg. However, this does not limit the wearing comfort due to the optimal distribution of the individual rings. Due to the stretchable property of the connection of the rings, the piece is wearable for almost any body shape. For more information, please refer to our size chart.